The Author

My writing journey

I’ve always wanted to write.  At eight I wrote plays to perform with my protesting younger sisters.  At eighteen I went to university to study English and at twenty-eight, or thereabouts, faced with domestic doldrums, I wrote short stories with a twist in the tale.

And I’ve always wanted to heal: to be that blob of ink that turns the water blue: to make a difference to someone…somewhere.

In my early forties the two came together when my daughter came home, proffering a card and announced, “This publisher lady wants you to write a book on dramatherapy.” 

So, I did.  And I’ve never looked back.

And now I’m still combining the two things I love best: writing – and healing.  Books that dance at the edges of our mysterious and magical potential.  Books that turn the water blue.

Penny McFarlane is an author, children’s therapist and holistic, complementary medicine practitioner. 

With a background in teaching and therapy, Penny writes books and stories which stand up and make a difference.

She has an MA in professional writing from Falmouth University, a post-graduate diploma in dramatherapy and registered qualifications in yoga, kinesiology and reflexology.

A lifetime’s interest in the mystical and magical has led her to exploring potential: what we were, what we are and what we are capable of being.  Her books and stories reflect her desire to uplift, illuminate and heal.

With her husband she has experienced the hilarious highs and inevitable lows of middle-aged, year-long backpacking around the world, bringing home a kaleidoscope of memories, thought provoking insights and the desire to do it all over again.

Penny lives and works out of her home on the south Devon coast.  When not being a hands-on grandma, she escapes to the wilds of Scotland and Wales with her husband and campervan.

An ex-teacher, dramatherapist, holistic therapies practitioner and author, Penny McFarlane writes stories and books which aim to offer that ‘aha’ moment through consciously connecting to our mysterious and magical potential.

Her books on creative, therapeutic drama have been translated into four languages. She lives on the beautiful south Devon coast