‘A friend and colleague of mine (an assistant professor of child psychology) asked me to translate a certain book about dramatherapy and that was the beginning of my journey into this world. The whole field was totally new to me until I finished translating ‘Creative Drama for Emotional Support.’ And it was the first time also to get to know the author, Penny McFarlane. I admired her work so much that I wished to introduce it to my language and culture.

Then, I wanted to get deeper into that world and started to translate another book by Ms. McFarlane: ‘Dramatherapy and Family Therapy in Education’. I really appreciated that kind of work, especially the multi-agency teamwork which provides so much attention to the child and the family.

It is my fervent wish that these two translated books will be a real introduction of her work to my country’.

“Easy to read and implement, Dramatherapy:Developing Emotional Stability is a valuable tool in helping children understand their emotional problems. The case studies show how children enjoy this form of therapy which ensures its success from the beginning. Well worth buying!!.”

KidsKope has given our students the opportunity to work through difficult times in their own lives, whilst helping younger children at the same time. A win/win situation for all involved, and one which they will not forget!”

“Whether coping with a stressful classroom problem or waiting for delayed special services, this much-needed book Creative Drama for Emotional Supportis a life line for all.”

“I can recommend Dramatherapy and Family Therapy as a brilliant, easy-to-read, jargon-free, practical book and a useful and sensible guide for any discipline working in education with children and their families.”

“Really enjoyed Curly Tales. Penny McFarlane has a fantastic imagination. The storytelling and nuances of plots make every tale compelling. 

I would recommend it to anyone.”

“A vividly and sensitively written haunting story set in coastal Devon. Georgie, a fifteen-year-old girl trying to deal with teenage emotions finds herself mysteriously connected to the past. 
I thoroughly enjoyed The Haunting of Georgie, realistic characters and a good pace to the story.”

“I have found this book to be a wonderful resource. I would recommend anyone wishing to delve into their inner wisdom to buy a copy of Writing in Rhythm and start writing.”

Jasmins in Cowpads is such an inspiring read. A really good mix of story and practical facts (which is really hard to do). I couldn’t put it down, and it made me start planning my own trip.”